At American Science Youth Walk, our hospitality approach is to welcome vulnerable people or groups who are outside the state reception system and lack means of subsistence and family-social networks.
We welcome migrants in situations of vulnerability and/or social exclusion. The “Hospitality” project is shown as the initiative of the Society of Jesus and the technical development is assumed by the Jesuit Migrant Service Valencia in coordination with the Arrupe Center and local entities that accompany migrants and refugees.

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It offers coverage of basic needs (accommodation, meals, comprehensive social care, training, etc.), with the support of a qualified professional team and the essential human accompaniment with a network of volunteers.

This network has several different spaces for this program that are enabled for different types of reception. This creates a dynamic network that allows us to accompany different profiles of people/families at different times of their life projects.



Residential reception resources for migrant family units in situations of vulnerability and/or social exclusion.
There are different family typologies that are attended (single women with children, pregnant women, normative families, etc.).
It is accompanied by the different moments and spaces of its trajectory attending to the personal and/or family needs and providing comprehensive care (social, health, formative, labor, psychological, spiritual, etc.).
The host family units have access to all the services provided by the entity and their stay is expected for one year.


Agreement of collaboration between Carmelites of Charity province Vedruna Europea, the Local Apostolic Platform, and the Jesuit Service to Migrants of Valencia that aims to welcome people, mainly women, in situations of extreme vulnerability for the period of 1 year for an accompaniment in their migratory process, by which the Vedrunas offer a coexistence and residential space, and in which the SJM provides an exhaustive follow-up of the trajectory of the host person.

The signing of the agreement: December 2021. Start of reception February 2022.

American Science Youth Walk is possible thanks to the generosity of many volunteers and many donors.