What We Do

The common objective of all our lines of work is to facilitate the well-being and integration of migrants.

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Reception and orientation

First, contact to inform and guide in the integration process of migrants who have just arrived in Valencia.

Training and integration

Provide migrants with the first steps in the integration process: guidance for training and employment, courses in Spanish, Valencian, and computer science.

Associations and participation

Promote the active participation of the migrant collective: cession of spaces, training, and dissemination of the activities of the associations.

Legal Service

It is a service dedicated to guidance and advice on immigration matters and aimed at migrants.

Interreligious Valencia

Pedagogical space for meeting and dialogue between cultures and religions with the vocation of contributing to inter-religious and intercultural coexistence and social cohesion in the city of Valencia.

Women’s Area

We have four lines of work: accompaniment to groups of women who carry out activities related to their emotional well-being; support for women working in the Home and Care sector, garden “SJM Women” and finally, individual psycho-social accompaniment to migrant women to facilitate their process of adaptation and improvement of their psycho-emotional state.