We Volunteer

To volunteer is a reference model for the people who are doing the Program with us. They are a fundamental part of our day-to-day and actively contribute to carrying out complementary activities to the Therapeutic Itinerary of the people we serve.

We train you

We offer PERMANENT TRAINING from which the voluntari@ understands and learns the work that is carried out in PH Sevilla. Because we want to have a restless, enthusiastic volunteer, willing to learn and be surprised.
Commitment, responsibility, and teamwork are the pillars on which a work that is part of the DNA of Proyecto Hombre Sevilla is based.

Crowds from other villages visiting for a volunteer firefighter compet" by  Marie Anna Lee

  1. Contact

We are delighted! Initial Training Course

  1. Interview and incorporation

Incorporation to the task that best suits the needs of the Center, your availability, and skills

  1. Ongoing training

Cycle of training seminars

  1. Monitoring and accompaniment

Always ready to help you.


We have a wide range of ACTIVITIES so that
YOUR VOLUNTEERING is not only a time to help, but also to learn.

Some of our training topics

  • Family therapy. The family in Proyecto Hombre
  • Exchanging experiences
  • Training for care
  • Be assertive, ask for what you need, and get what you want, while still being yourself
  • The move from blocking to action
  • Emotional over-involvement
  • Living empathy and struggling with frustration
  • Current situation Proyecto Hombre Sevilla”

Some of our activities

  • Accompaniment in therapeutic groups
  • Educational support for students who opt for the School Graduate
  • Accompaniment to recreational outings
  • Support related to administrative tasks
  • Telephone support
  • Specific events according to specific dates: Christmas, PH Anniversary, etc.
  • Leisure and free time activities

Different programs, infinite possibilities

  • Welcome
  • Support Program
  • Therapeutic Communities
  • Reception floor
  • General Services: databases, archive, library…
  • Youth Project