In the Spanish Youth Organization (OJE) as an entity that works in the field of free time and non-formal education, we collaborate with the family, the school, and the rest of the educational agents of society, in order to train people willing to improve the society in which they live with a spirit of service to others. We focus on the integral development of those who are part of it, as well as the society in which we live.

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We are characterized by being a non-profit organization recognized as an entity declared of public utility, nonpartisan and non-denominational, although we promote the commitment and participation of our affiliates in them as an individual personal option.


We educate through the values that are included in our Promise, in the USIA, and in our Statutes, including spirituality and transcendence, love for our country (Spain), service, social justice, dignity, integrity, commitment and solidarity, freedom and respect, diversity and interculturality, responsibility, joy and gratitude, humility and generosity, sacrifice, and personal effort. Leisure for young people and children. Non-formal education. Social values for young people and children.